Vital StatisticsEdit

Name: Corovina

Race: Zvlienge (Unknown, presents as Human)

Class: Bard

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Unknown

Deity: Unknown

Height: 5'3 (7'4)

Weight: 150 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Appearance: In human form, Corovina stands at 5'3 with a busty, curvacious build. Even thus, she has an almost ethereal beauty to her - some say it's the almost noble way she holds herself, while others simply attribute it to the fact that she looks essentially flawless. Her state of dress is usually in something sleeveless and tight, accenting her curves and showing off the telltale butterfly tattoo that indicates her as the proprietress of Russevalle.

As a Zvlienge, Corovina is 7'4, with a similarly curvy build as her human form. A pair of 3" thick horns that curve around her forehead like a crown, and her wingspan is approximately ten feet. Most times, she has enough reserve energy to maintain her tail, which is 20" long and tapers from 5" at the base to 1" at the tip. Typically, she adorns herself less in cloth and more in sparkling gems and shining coins, just enough to cover the 'absolute necessities' in human moral terms.

Personality: To say nothing of her nature, Corovina is a calm individual. She speaks intelligently and is observant, able to approach even volatile subjects with a delicate, diplomatic manner. She's also very collected - and indeed, in practice there is little that one can do to rattle her.

Innuendo, still, is one of her trademarks - even when one doesn't recognise her for whom she is, Corovina will frequently make gently subtextual comments. In part, she's interested in the reactions these remarks garner - certainly, it helps her to keep an appropriate relationship with most any individual. Another part of it, however, is that she simply lacks the necessary upbringing to be embarrassed by these comments, both as a Zvlienge and as a sex worker.

Perhaps more important still, she's a capable and competent bard. Learning the lore of Eyrion has been important throughout her lifetime, and she's willing to share that lore with anyone who's interested.

Religious Ideals:


Distant Days Past Edit

Little is known about exactly when Corovina made the trip from Igzul to the material world. The first mentions of anyone going by that name start some five hundred years prior to the development of Russevalle,


The PartyEdit



(Wouldn't you like to know~!)

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