Vital StatisticsEdit


Name: Nimhel Luransali

Race: Doppelganger demifiend

Class: Bard/Psion (telepath)

Gender: Male

Age: mid-twenties

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Height: 5'10"

Weight: ~140 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Appearance: The physical statistics above are traits belonging to the original Nimhel, a half-elf whose identity the doppelganger has supplanted. Tall, willowy, with fair skin and vibrant eyes, Nimh is possessed of both human vitality and elven grace; his hair is a glossy black and never kept more than medium-length, unstyled save for its vague attempts to naturally curl and (perhaps most notably) the single, loose curl that falls from its peak down to cross the bridge of his nose. In manner, he carries himself proudly and smiles often, prone to gesturing with his words or fiddling with a held item.

He laughs easily, hums (and outright sings sometimes if you're not careful), but even when speaking there tends to be a melodic quality to his voice and cadence; he's a performer, and he sounds like it. Likewise, his clothing is often fanciful in appearance. He's fond of bright dyes and bold patterns (particularly rich red and checkered fabrics), and usually wears more belts and buckled leathers than would seem useful, much less strictly necessary. However, he does have the good sense not to be too ostentatious, and for the most part his more eccentric choices are easily veiled by the simple shawl and faded black cloak he dons when traveling.

In its most natural shape, the doppelganger stands at about 5'11" and weighs ~175 lbs. Like most of its kind, it has a long, lithe body with indistinct features and hairless, mottled grey skin. However, its demonic heritage manifests quite blatantly: a pair of leathery, batlike wings rise from its shoulders, complemented by a long tail ending in a slender arrowhead. Its fingers are tipped with sharp claws, its mouth lined with needle-like teeth, and its eyes (while octopoid, as typical of doppelgangers) are a dark red in colour. Despite being physically sexless, it does trend toward the masculine in form and musculature as well as notably in the sound of its voice, which is deeper than Nimh's and carries a faint reverberation.

Regardless of the form he takes, Nyxiraephon (the doppelganger) maintains a single element of his nature in particular: there is always a note of strange, otherworldly grace and beauty emanating from him, the likes of which could be fascinating in greater magnitude. As it is, the effect is subtle but distinctive enough that it could be jarring or bizarre if it conflicts with the subject's perception of his form.


Religious Ideals: Blasphemy, probably.



The PartyEdit










Ahahaha right. Family.

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