Rasha is the son of Rislin's local tavern owner, Sepica.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Name: Rasha

Race: Human

Class: Expert...?

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Deity: Unknown

Height: 5'6

Weight: Unknown

Hair: Red-brown

Eyes: Grey

Appearance: Somewhat tall, but definitely lithe in appearance, Rasha is anything but a menacing man - and he doesn't try to be. His hair is seemingly a perpetual mess and he has a definite pretty-boy air about him.

Personality: Rasha is somewhat meek, at least as far as opinions are concerned. That is to say he has strong opinions, but tends to keep quiet unless he deems his words important. He is charismatic, though, and often quick to spare a flattering word to any female he meets (... who doesn't look like she might kill him for said word. Adventurers, as such, kind of confuse him).

Religious Ideals: Unknown as of current.


Rasha has had a fairly uneventful life. Other than his father's frequent absences and his mother dying in childbirth, he had a decent enough childhood, and a fine young-adulthood.

Up until the incident with Eliseo and his Knight's Guild, nothing had really happened to him - being kidnapped came as a surprise to him, and realizing how much death happened just because Eliseo was a cruel young man sort of... took him off-guard. He became withdrawn for a time, especially after Lyn's near-death experience, but he recovered quickly enough with the party's relatively high spirits following such.


The PartyEdit

LEWELLYN BRYSE: He feels an odd sort of kinship toward Lyn, for reasons he doesn't really understand. In a lot of ways, he envies the rogue and his ability to do what he feels is best for him and his friends no matter the consequences.


AKNIER: Later.

NAIYA: Laaater.

THEROIAN: Later...



ROLERO: Also later.

ELISEO: It's safe to say he kind of hates the bastard.


SEPICA: His father...