Rislin is a small town in South Helvecus. It boasts little of note,

Notable LocationsEdit


  • Fharlanghn

Valley Vale TavernEdit

Valley Vale is one of the main attractions of Rislin. Founded by Sepica almost thirty years prior to the main storyline, it boasts some of the best in fine vintage spirits and the company of pretty women. The town itself is so small that it rarely receives many visitors, but most of them stay here - partly because it's the only inn in town and partly because the women are enticing and the rates are reasonable altogether.

Under normal circumstances, the tavern also hosts entertainment - mostly in the form of its employees dancing, but sometimes via traveling performers and the like. Considered a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, Valley Vale's reputation has grown quite strong in the adventuring community.

Estate del RoleroEdit

The estate of the town's ruling regent, Rolero. No matter the season, it is always kept in pristine condition, with vibrant flowers in its front gardens and clean marble floors inside. Rolero is a kind man, so they say. His son, Eliseo, has gone from a troublemaker to a criminal in recent years, a decline no one can really explain.



Class: Hot Summer Continental Temperature Spread: 0 - 35 C (~32-95 F)


The terrain surrounding Rislin is mostly valleys, with a handful of sparse trees and bushes - mostly planted by the townsfolk themselves. Its location is easily accessible from any side, though getting into the town requires one to go through the front gates or scale the considerable wall outside. The ground itself is very fertile and somewhat soft, leading to an easy enough journey when it isn't raining.

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