Serrgrim is a moderately large arena town in the country of Eba. It boasts one of the most successful and well-stocked monster arenas in the world, as well as hosting a number of semi-annual tiered battles. There aren't a lot of people who live here, as much of the traffic to and from Serrgrim are tourists and adventurers, but the handful who do take pride in their town.

Notable LocationsEdit


The monster coliseum. Built on higher ground than the rest of the town, this coliseum seats up to three thousand people - though it only sees nearly so many in its busiest months. Most of the time, the arena hosts only a few hundred people any given week, watching the monster battles that are a constant in Serrgrim. Though every attempt is made to avoid humanoid casualties, the feral nature of this coliseum means that accidents are not uncommon.


The humanoid-versus-humanoid-battle coliseum. This building seats five thousand at its peak, and averages almost fifteen-hundred on a normal week. It provides year-round battles of skill, wit, and will. The events alternate between tiered and untiered single-opponent battles, untiered group battles, and 'survival' battles. They also hold a strict no-kill rule, and have a constant supply of medics and healers on hand in case someone's bloodlust gets a little too testy.

Tooth and NailEdit

The town's tavern. An altogether terribly rowdy place, most non-combatants avoid this place at all costs. On a daily basis, the bouncers are nearly over-taxed with the work of removing unruly fighters before someone gets seriously injured. It's also often undergoing repairs from thrown objects, and there's a stated rule that anyone who breaks Tooth and Nail property will pay for said repairs.


One of the town's two inns, this particular one provides a bed-and-breakfast service. Its customers are almost exclusively tourists and gamblers.


The other of the inns, housing most of the traveling fighters. It provides nothing more than sleeping quarters and water, but remains frequented by those seeking a quick place to rest nonetheless. It's also known to be somewhat less scrupulous than many of the other locations in Serrgrim, though the local guards keep the worst of the lot under strict watch.





Notable characters from hereEdit



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