Taliel is the Demigod of destruction and the High Lord of the Abyss. He's also the husband of Larina and father of Siltiel.

Vital StatisticsEdit


Race: Demigod

Class: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Hair: Unknown

Eyes: Unknown

Appearance: Unknown

Personality: Taliel is, on the surface, the very sort of evil who could preside over the Abyss, among several other planes of existence. He is ruthless, calculating and unforgiving, but he is fair to his subjects. Compared to many rulers before him, he seems uncaring of the Material World - demons and devils make their way up to the realm, certainly, but he's more worried about keeping the spark-ridden peace in his own realm than waging war against any silly humans.

Religious Ideals:


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